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VR Software Partners

Are you looking for a party to develop or have developed a VR app? Or maybe you are looking for VR games to offer in your VR arcade or entertainment center. Fortunately, there is a suitable answer for every question. Worldwide there are many VR developers who are busy developing VR games and applications. But did you also know that a lot of Dutch VR companies are busy making the latest VR content? Some of these companies have already developed something and are offering it for a one-time purchase or license fee (such as a VR game or handy VR software), while others may offer a complete VR application or develop a game for you!

We like to think along with our customers for the best virtual reality solutions. That is why we have all VR software partners, app developers, game developers and others VR application administrators which we know can offer a good solution for VR development.

Are you also involved in VR application development or do you think you can offer software solutions for our customers? Then we would like to get in touch with you! Send an email to service@unboundvr.nl and tell us what you are doing so we can add you to our list and forward any customers to you.

Game developers

  • -The Netherlands

    Vertigo Games

    Vertigo Games is a multi-platform VR entertainment company with offices in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Los Angeles, California. With experienced teams in Studios, Publishing and Arcades, the company develops, publishes and distributes a growing portfolio of quality VR games that provide a new, powerful and complete gaming experience both inside and outside the home.

  • sales@arvilab.comGermany


    ArviVR was founded in 2016 by a group of enthusiasts who wanted to develop modern VR and AI technologies. Over the next few years, we decided to focus on VR, as this is our greatest passion. We wanted to change the usual perception of regular single player arcades and physical escape rooms. All our creativity, experience and love for modern technologies have been brought together to create the quality content for every taste. We are happy to share great experiences with our friends and offer you to discover how modern VR technologies can diversify your leisure time and transform your business. We currently have the largest library of VR Multiplayer Escape Rooms on the market.

  • info@rodstudios.nlThe Netherlands

    ROD Studios

    ROD Studios is a Dutch development studio, consisting of a team of 6 developers with a passion for VR. The founder is also the CEO of www.vresports.com and The VR Room, a 'VR Arcade' that started in 2016.

  • -The Netherlands

    Enversed Studios

    Enversed Studios is a creative game studio that develops high-quality Virtual Reality experiences. We specialize in all that immersive media has to offer, from adrenaline-packed VR simulators to large-scale multiplayer games. Feel free to view our showcases!

  • info@springboardvr.comCalifornië


    SpringboardVR provides headset management, content distribution and commercial licensing for VR Arcades, Enterprise and Education. Currently serves more than 500 companies in more than 40 countries.

  • info@ubisoftescapegames.comGermany

    Ubisoft Escape Games

    Our mission is to create excellent escape room in virtual reality, set in the most popular game worlds of Ubisoft. Our escape games are created and optimized for entertainment venues and are exclusively available at selected locations such as escape rooms, VR arcades and theme parks.

Kiosk mode & auto play

  • sales@vr-sync.com The Netherlands

    VR Sync

    Industry-leading 360-degree playback solution. Reliable and easy to use in any situation. VR Sync puts you in control and gives your viewers the best possible experience.

  • sales@lookandplay.io The Netherlands

    Look & Play

    Easy playback of 360 ° video content by the user. Ready to use in a few simple steps. Look & Play is compatible with the Oculus GO, Rift & Quest, Pico VR and Android. Android users can download directly from the Google Play Store.

Education & training

  • info@apollojourney.comThe Netherlands

    Apollo Journey

    At Apollo Journey we work together with our customers in co-creation to realize digital innovation. Our entire process is aimed at realizing value quickly with various digital means. Our in-house development team and many international partners are able to create stunning visualization and applications using the latest gaming technology.

  • info@serious-vr.comThe Netherlands

    Serious VR

    Virtual employee training is the next big step in educating workforce towards operational excellence. Training with VR reduces machine downtime, increases safety and saves costs on global training costs, towards a more efficient production process and a more manageable training process.

Medical & Therapy

  • info@reducept.comThe Netherlands


    In chronic pain, the solution often does not lie with the pain itself, but with the brain. All the pain you feel is made by your brain. Reducept is the first method that directly targets the pain: the brain. Through Virtual Reality we teach the brain to calm down again, so you experience less pain. Check out the research behind it!

  • info@syncvr.techThe Netherlands

    Medical SyncVR

    The SyncVR Medical platform makes it possible to implement VR throughout the hospital: from hardware, software and workshops to appointments with the support Services and a hygiene protocol.

  • freek@playgroundvr.nlThe Netherlands


    PlaygroundVR is dé virtuele speeltuin voor kinderen waarin ze samen kunnen spelen! Wanneer de kinderen de VR-headsets opzetten verplaatsen ze zich even naar ‘buiten™. They see each other as virtual avatars, with which they can also wave to each other! Just like real outdoor play, children are free to do whatever they want, creating their own games with their own imagination.

Police & defense

  • hallo@re-lion.comThe Netherlands


    RE-liON is a privately held development and manufacturing company providing new technology to professionals in various fields of crisis management worldwide.


  • +31 6 425 138 70The Netherlands


    Put on your VR glasses and step into the world of virtual reality. Spot lions in Africa, foil a bank robbery or go for a full workout. You choose! Ready, set, go.

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