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The Funniest VR Experience Games

Immerse yourself in the most immersive VR experience and experience games!

You have to experience Virtual Reality. And what better way to do that than by playing VR experience games? A VR experience game is a game where there is not so much a goal in the game itself, but the goal is to experience the game. A well-known example of this is Richie's Plank. In this VR game you step into a lie and you are taken to the top floor of a tall building. Once you have arrived at the top, the elevator doors will open and you will be instructed to get out of the elevator. The only catch is... there is only a thin shelf below you and you are almost 80 stories high! This game has gained a lot of fame because the idea is super simple, but it ensures very nice reactions from players and spectators. It is therefore a VR game that focuses not so much on the gameplay, but all the more on the user experience. Do you want to increase the experience even more? Then you can also add a bhaptics Haptic Feedback Suit to the experience! With this vest you will receive feedback on 40 individual points when you install it with the supplied software. This results in a maximum VR experience.


In theBlu you enter a beautiful underwater world of the great ocean. The game consists of three (short) VR experiences. During the first experience you will - almost literally - come into contact with a gigantic whale! The beautiful graphics and the 'simplicity' of the game make theBlu the ultimate game to show the capabilities of virtual reality. It therefore offers excellent possibilities to give demonstrations of VR glasses.

Download theBlu here.


Don't Let Go

Don't Let Go is a perfect example of why VR is so special. It's a VR game with very simple graphics, but the gameplay is what makes this game so unique. In Don't Let Go you really only have to do one thing: don't let go. The aim of the game is to hold both CTRL keys on your keyboard during the game. While you hold these two keys, the craziest things happen in the game. So it feels like real bugs are crawling over your hands!

Download Don't Let Go here.

Don't Let Go VR

Nature Treks VR

Nature Treks VR is a VR experience that is characterized by the tranquility it exudes. A player puts on the headset and can immediately explore a number of beautiful places in the world. For example, walk through the savannah in Africa, or visit the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Because of the soothing music, Nature Treks VR is a real 'zen' experience and you can completely relax when you've played it.

Download Nature Treks VR here.

Nature Treks VR

Google Earth VR

For first VR users, Google Earth VR is already quite an experience. Finally, it really shows what VR is capable of; you will travel the world in no time and see places in high quality that you would never be able to see otherwise! Google Earth is one of the best (and also free) elaborate VR experience apps. With a relatively simple headsets like the Oculus Go you can already experience virtual reality as it was originally intended. This experience is also very nice to use with older people. For example, via Google Earth you can go back to the house where someone grew up or travel to a place where someone has always wanted to go.

Download Google Earth VR here.

Google Earth VR

Richie's Plank Experience

As mentioned earlier in this list, Richie's Plank Experience is the ultimate VR experience game. It is a unique game because you can incorporate elements from the real world into the game. In Richie's Plank Experience you step into an elevator and you are sent up 80 floors. Once at the top, the elevator doors open and you suddenly find yourself in front of a thin plank above a very high abyss. Goal of the game? Just stand on the shelf and walk back and forth! You can make the experience even more realistic by placing a real plank on the floor and, for example, turning on a fan when someone gets out of the elevator.

Download Richie's Plank Experience here.

Richie's Plank Experience

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