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VR Tips & Tricks

Read our tips and tricks to get started with VR well prepared!

With our blogs you have a good start when you first start with VR. For example, learn how best to hang your VR cables, what PC specifications you need exactly - or how to start an VR Arcade from start to finish!

  • Diederik2021

    How do you hang your VR cables correctly?

    Most PC-controlled VR glasses are wired to a computer. These glasses are in direct connection with the graphics card of the PC, so that you get the most power from the PC. But the disadvantage of cabling is that it often gets in the way. For example when you play a VR game in which you can move 360 degrees.

  • Diederik2021

    One VR Adjusting Headset Properly.

    For a good playing experience it is essential that your headset fits well on the face and head. This not only ensures that you can play for a longer time, but also provides a sharper and more pleasant picture in many cases.

  • Diederik2021

    The best way to clean a VR Headset.

    Cleaning and keeping your VR headset clean ensures that the glasses & controllers last longer. But what is the best way to clean a VR headset? And how do you ensure that the controllers stay clean? In this blog we explain all the ins and outs of cleaning and maintaining your VR headset!

  • Diederik2021

    How do you choose the right VR Desktop or Laptop?

    Virtual Reality games are really cool to play, but they are also increasingly relevant to use in a business area. A lot of graphics power and memory is still required to render VR at high quality and smoothly, all the more so in certain business applications such as 3D / CAD design. The entire computer must be properly tuned, and the parts must connect well with each other. It is especially important to have a powerful video card and good processor.

  • Diederik2021

    Setting up a VR room

    Do you want to start up an VR arcade, fill a business space with VR or just make a good setup for your VR system? Then we are happy to help you on your way! In this blog we explain how you can best set up your VR equipment and give some useful tips on how to do this.

  • Diederik2021

    Starting with an VR Arcade? That's how you do that!

    Starting a virtual reality arcade is a dream for many entrepreneurs. After all, virtual reality seems to be the future of entertainment. But you will probably have noticed that there are an awful lot of preconditions involved in starting a company. In this blog we would therefore like to explain for you the main points that a VR Arcade must meet.

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