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Which software and which games do you choose for the best Arcade experience?

You are about to embark on a new adventure: starting up a virtual reality arcade! You have the coolest and latest VR equipment in your room, the entire room looks beautiful and well-maintained, and you have good and friendly staff walking around to welcome your new customers and give them a nice VR experience. But then you start a game and it suddenly all disappoints ... Because when you start a game, the game must first load for a few minutes, then you start a tutorial, and only then can the users start playing. And then the time is already up! And then we are not even talking about the fact that the operator of your VR room has to start the games separately with each headset by standing with a keyboard next to the computer.

That can of course be improved. And in this blog we will explain in detail how you can do this and how you can ensure that your VR arcade can (and may) offer the coolest VR games in a professional manner!

Choose the correct VR games

In a VR arcade environment it is important that you offer the right VR games to your customers. There are of course hundreds of games available, but you don't want to offer all games at the same time. Think of it as a game of cards: you don't immediately reveal your entire hand. Therefore, make a selection with games that you think are fun and that you would like to offer. With the points below we give a number of handles on the basis of which you can choose your games.

Determine a theme for each target group

You can offer VR games by theme. Consider, for example, specific games for children, for the elderly, or for young adults. While the youth of about 16 years absolutely love a zombie shooter, the elderly like to walk underwater or take a tour over the moon. Therefore, determine which games or experiences you want to provide for each target group that appeals to you. So there is something fun for everyone to do!

In addition to dividing your target group, you can also choose to offer themed games. Consider, for example, special horror evenings during Halloween, a Christmas game during Christmas or a fun VR animation film during Easter.

Choose games where you can switch quickly

In a VR arcade there are often groups. Think for example of groups of friends, company outings and children's parties. You want everyone to be able to play with the VR headset, so don't choose games where a player takes 15 minutes to start the game. In a VR arcade you want to have games where someone just has to press "start" and then can get started with the game right away. After a few minutes, the players can then continue to switch and a new player can get started (for example, to try to beat the previous player's high score).

Think of certain levels for games

Your VR arcade will attract a very wide audience: people who already have experience with virtual reality or people who have ever played a PlayStation game, but also people who have never seen VR glasses in their lives. By offering games of different levels you can give all users, regardless of their experience with VR, a fun experience. For example, you don't want someone with no VR experience to play a complicated zombie game where he or she doesn't know how to shoot or reload the guns. For people with no VR/game experience, it is recommended to play a game that requires little or no use of Controllers. Consider, for example, an experience such as theBlu or a game like Beat Saber; where you just have to wave your Controllers and press no buttons.

Single player or multiplayer?

Depending on how you set up your arcade, choose single player games (games that you play alone) or multiplayer games (games with multiple players). Both variants of games have their advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of a single player game is that it is a lot easier to set up. This way you are not dependent on another player, you have much less risk of connection / start-up problems and you have an enormously wide range of games from which to choose.

The nice thing about multiplayer games is that you can see each other in VR. In some games you play against each other, while in other games you have to work together to win. This gives the game a whole new dimension and is especially fun when you play with someone you know (for example in a group of friends). A good example of a multiplayer VR game is Arizona Sunshine.

VR escape rooms

A new trend in the field of virtual reality are VR escape rooms. More and more developers are responding to this by releasing cool games. Some escape rooms can be played individually, but there are also a lot of escape rooms where you have to work with several people to solve puzzles. At the moment there are two game developers offering the VR escape rooms professionally: Ubisoft Escape Games and ARVI VR.

Use a software management system

Nothing is more annoying than having to manually start up different computers and games. As an operator, you don't want to have to face a computer with a keyboard, especially when you have to control multiple VR cubes at the same time. Therefore choose a software management system such as SpringboardVR. This system was built specifically for VR arcades and is used by the leading arcades worldwide. Tonight you can use the software management system to control a central computer (the server PC) various gaming stations. As a result, you no longer have to physically stand next to a VR cube, but you can simply start and close games from behind a computer, laptop or even tablet.

Make sure you have the correct game license

Games should not be used commercially just like that. For example, if you buy a game once via Steam, you may not offer it in your VR arcade. To be able to do this, you have to pay per use to the game developer. The price of this depends entirely on what the developer asks for it. In general, the popular VR games cost more per minute than the less popular or well-known games. We have written an extensive blog about this. Click here to go to our game licensing blog.

See which games are popular at other VR arcades

Finally, we give Tip to see which games are popular at well-run VR arcades. These games are popular for a reason (probably because they meet the above criteria). The aforementioned platform SpringboardVR offers a complete overview of the most popular VR games. We therefore recommend that you take a look at this so that you can get an idea of the most popular games. Click here to go to the overview of popular games on SpringboardVR.

Diederik Hermsen- XR Product Specialist

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