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Educational Applications Of Virtual Reality

As a school, how can you use virtual reality to provide a good lesson? And how many schools are already working on it? Read it in our VR Blog about it schools & universities.

How many schools and universities actually use virtual reality for learning purposes?

It has been clear for some time that virtual reality (VR) has undergone major changes compared to a few years ago. The technology is now so advanced that it can also be a perfect (aid) means to teach students all kinds of skills. VR is already widely used in the medical sector and business, but schools universities are not lagging behind in innovation and can certainly make good use or the VR possibilities.

Research on VR use among colleges and universities in the US has shown that almost half of all schools have a VR device, and that almost 20% or all schools fully implemented VR in the daily curriculum.

One or the researchers noted that when children start using VR at a younger age, they are better prepared for this new way or learning. It can therefore certainly have added value in primary and / or secondary school to install a VR headset, if only to introduce students to the new technologies. In addition, learning with VR provides an enormous stimulus for (especially younger) students to delve into the subject matter. Virtual reality geeft voor de studenten toch een hele andere beleving als het gaat om leren, in vergelijking met het ‘ouderwetse™ leren uit een boek.

Colleges and universities are exploring the different possibilities or VR technology; from providing virtual reality lab facilities for remote students, to simulated surgical procedures to train and mentor medical students. VR also offers the possibility or a virtual library, where students can access all the information they need, or take a tour or architecture or archaeological finds around the world.

VR for complex operations

Finally, the report indicates that the deployment or VR within schools will continue to increase as software and hardware develop. A lot is already possible with VR, and now is a good time to step into the virtual world. High-end VR headsets are still (too) ambitious for some learning purposes, but fortunately there are also a lot or cheaper alternatives to find. To give students the first introduction to VR, For example, a passive VR headset can be used, where you slide a phone into the headset and watch 360 ° videos.

If you want to take the experience a step further, you can start looking at a stand-alone headset, such as the Oculus Go or Lenovo Mirage Solo. Om de studenten echt een ‘wow-factor™ te laten beleven, kun je eens gaan kijken naar de high-end headsets zoals de HTC Vive Pro or the Samsung Odyssey +

Curious about the possibilities that VR can offer at your school or study program? Please contact us and let us advise you on the right VR hardware! Call us: +31 (0) 85 1302 742 or email us klantenservice@unboundvr.nl

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