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VR bij Politie, Overheid & Defensie

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How can you use virtual reality for the police? And how does the government use VR? Read it in our VR Blog about it government, Police and defence.

Virtual Reality is already widely used in the training of soldiers and police officers. VR training can be used well to simulate combat situations or other dangerous situations, and to learn how to deal with the situation in the right way. A virtual simulation enables a soldier or agent to enter a dangerous situation, without running the risk of being injured. An additional advantage is that you need much less time, space and money for a simulation training than, for example, with an extensive role play. You only need a PC, a headset (HMD) and a minimum space of 3x3m.

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1Training in hazardous environments

Soldiers and police officers must be able to prepare for every conceivable situation. Unfortunately - and fortunately - not every dangerous situation in the real world can be recreated. Een training in de virtuele wereld is dan ook de ideale oplossing om een gevaarlijke situatie op een zeer realistische manier te ervaren, zonder op de fysieke risico™s te hoeven letten. Soldiers can undergo virtual training in a war zone or prepare for a terrorist threat, while police officers can imagine themselves on the streets of Amsterdam in no time to arrest a drug gang. Dit alles zonder de bijkomende fysieke risico™s, maar toch met een zeer realistische ervaring.

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2Using different weapons

When you want to choose a new weapon, this is not an easy task. Weapons aren't cheap, so what is the right weapon to choose for heavy use? With VR you can already simulate the first use of weapons. For this you can use a weapon with haptic feedback in the virtual environment, which recreates the recoil and experience of the weapon you have chosen as realistically as possible. This saves the costs of testing different weapons, and gives a good first impression of how the weapon feels and how it feels in your hand. Does the simulation feel good? Then you can test the weapon in real life!

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3Training medical procedures

VR is also extremely suitable for medical applications. Many hospitals use the capabilities of VR to simulate and prepare medical procedures, and schools use it for (medical) students to provide anatomy lessons, for example. Here, too, the situation can be simulated in the virtual world, so that you can practice a situation in every possible way. Defense can make good use of this by, for example, performing a medical procedure under stressful circumstances. Or how about police officers who got into a shootout and a colleague got hit in the arm? With VR the situations can be simulated in such a way that it is a lifelike experience for the user, and therefore a good preparation for the real work.

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4Simulating vehicles and parachute jumps

Wanneer je een vliegtuig of helicopter wilt besturen, is het verstandig om daar eerst een beetje “feeling” bij te krijgen. Students who want to become a pilot will receive their first training in a flight simulator before boarding a real plane. This simulation can also be used perfectly to train for other vehicles. How about someone who has to drive a big truck for the first time? Or a police officer who has to cross a major intersection for the first time with howling sirens? All this can be simulated in a safe practice environment, in order to be well prepared for the real situation. Soldiers can even use the capabilities of VR to simulate a realistic parachute jump.

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