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Service, guarantees and support

Unbound XR offers standard support and extensive support for its customers. The standard warranty and support is included with every business purchase and consists of the following services:

Free e-mail and telephone support from our helpdesk

The user can report an incident to the Unbound VR Support desk. Although the standard support does not have a guaranteed service level, Unbound VR will aim to do the following; on working days (Monday to Friday) between 8.30 am and 5 pm we use a response time of less than 8 hours. Questions and faults can be passed on 24/7 via the e-mail Support Desk and on working days during office hours also via the Unbound VR service number.

Warranty handling takes place via the manufacturer and can be requested directly from Unbound VR. Damages and repairs that are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty can also be handled by Unbound VR. The costs for damage repair and repair that fall outside the manufacturer's warranty are for the account of the customer.

Unbound also offers the option of extended warranty and support, the options include:

  • Delivery of replacement hardware within 24/48/72 hours
  • Extensive warranty and (fall/water) damage insurance. Click for more Information
  • Preventive maintenance

Repair, insurance and warranty are handled by the Dutch service and repair partner of Unbound VR. With 1 reporting point for damage or warranty, also during the legal warranty. (The replacement service and preventive maintenance is through Unbound VR)

Any questions? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you!

Diederik Hermsen- XR Product Specialist

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