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    Interface en Foam Vervanging voor Oculus Rift S + Touch Controller Grip voor Oculus Quest & Rift S

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    Interface en Foam Vervanging voor Oculus Rift S + Katoenen Cover voor Oculus Rift S

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Keep your Oculus Rift S clean and sweat resistant with the AMVR VR Face Interface & PU Leather Foam Set for Oculus Rift S. Thanks to the comfortable foam replacement, you can easily wipe the Rift S with a cleaning cloth after use and without damage.

The set comes with a new plastic face interface, a PU leather foam replacement for the face, and two foam replacements for the halo of the headset.

Pros and cons
  • The PU leather mask can be wiped clean with a cleaning cloth.
  • The set comes with new plastic facial interface so you can replace it too.
  • The new PU leather foam offers space to play underneath with glasses.
  • The confirmation is a bit of a job. We recommend watching a YouTube video for this.
  • One new PU leather foam replacement is included.
What's in the box
  • 1 x Facial interface
  • 1 x Face Replacement
  • 1 x Foam replacement (front and rear)
  • 1 x VR lens cover

Additional Information

Article number UP-RSFC
EAN (13 digit) 9505573356888
Brand AMVR
Name AMVR Facial Interface & PU Leather Foam Set for Oculus Rift S
Suitable for headset type Oculus Rift S
Color Black
Dimensions No.
Picqer delivery date No.
Product Videos
  • AMVR Foam Cover Replacements for Oculus Rift S Setting Up
  • Rift-S: AMVR Facial Interface PU Leather Foam Replacement
  • AMVR Facial Interface Rift S
Product reviews
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1 reviews
  1. More hygienic replacement for the included Rift S padding.

    I ordered this replacement facial interface because I wanted to be able to wipe and disinfect the headgear and facial bracket padding after use. (Het was een verontrustende gedachte om de headset te delen met vrienden en familie zonder hem daarna schoon te kunnen maken.) Na het zoeken naar wat een buitensporige hoeveelheid tijd leek, kwam ik dit product tegen en besloot ik het eens te proberen. I didn't like other replacements that don't include a replacement interface, as I didn't want to throw away the included foam padding, but just replace it.
    Included in the box with this AMVR kit were two face pads, a replacement face mount, two replacement headgear pads, and two replacement headgear mounts. Er was ook een kaart met een QR-code om een ​​YouTube-video over de installatie to watch. De video was gemakkelijk te volgen en ik had de gezichtsbeugel en de vulling van de hoofdband vervangen zo lang als nodig was om de video to watch.
    Een paar opmerkingen uit mijn ervaring met de installatie:
    1. Pay attention to the video and the direction in which they remove the different pads. The direction is important for ease of removal.
    2. The facial brace seemed to come out easier when I gave quick, sharp jerks on the points they show in the video. I tried to be a bit softer at first, but it didn't budge.
    3. Note how to do this in the video when installing the replacement brackets. The headbands in particular are easier if you start in the middle and work outwards from the middle.
    Finally, the filling is comfortable but feels different from the standard foam. It also adds some weight to the headset and changes the distance from the lenses to your eyes. You may need to adjust the lens distance after applying the new pads for viewing comfort. I am also very happy with my first impression of the replacement padding.

    ByJ. Naylor via Amazonposted on13/08/2020

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