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    Insta360 One R 4K Edition + Insta360 One R Batterij module

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    Insta360 One R 4K Edition + Insta360 ONE R Batterij oplader

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The Insta360 One R is an actioncam that is built in modules. The Insta 360 One R 4K Edition module is included with this product. Allows you to make beautiful 4K Wide Angle videos. The camera has built-in image stabilization and useful functionalities that allow you to make videos your own. The Insta360 One R has an HDR mode, which makes your recordings as accurate as possible. In addition, an optional 360-degree lens and a 1-inch lens are available, which have been developed in collaboration with Leica. This allows you to expand your recording possibilities.

The camera is equipped with built-in image stabilization: Insta360s Flowstate. This makes unwanted vibrations and movements in your videos a thing of the past. De camera is voorzien van functies als: 'Cinematic Slow-Mo', 'TimeShift', 'Bullet Time', 'Hyperlapse' en livestreaming. 

You can operate the Insta360 One R with the Insta360 app. With this you can activate the functions of the One R, but also keep track of data such as GPS, speed, altitude and direction. The 360-degree camera has a tripod connection so you can easily attach it to selfie sticks, monopods and other tripods. The optional 'invisible' selfie stick can be used to film yourself third-person view, without having a selfie stick in view. Added to this is the 'invisible' drone. The Insta360 R can be attached to a drone with the 'Drone Mount', without the drone being in the picture.

The Insta360 R has a built-in 'tracking function'. This way, the subject or person always remains in the picture if you indicate that you want to follow it. Even if the subject disappears behind a tree! You can also operate this 360-degree camera using 'voice control'. With this Insta360 One R you have many options in the post-processing. Zo kan je mini-werelden maken, de snelheid van je video's aanpassen of de kleur. 

You can use the Insta360 R with confidence in rough areas. It is shock-absorbing and the Lens Guards protect the lenses against dust, scratches and dirt. You can also record all your underwater adventures. The Insta360 R can be underwater up to 5 meters. By using the optional 'dive case' you can go even deeper. So get started with this 360 degree camera from Insta360 One R!

Pros and cons
  • Compact camera with high quality image.
  • Easy to use.
  • HDR mode provides beautiful color reproduction.
  • Not suitable for professional VR movies.
  • Viewing photos on phone can take a long time.
What's in the box
  • 1 x 1x 4K Wide Angle lens
  • 1 x Display module
  • 1 x Battery Base
  • 1 x Mounting Bracket

Additional Information

Article number CINAKGP-C
EAN (13 digit) 6970357851553
Fashion model One R 4K
Brand Insta360
Resolution 5760 x 2880, 30fps 3840 x 1920 @ 50fps 3840 x 1920 @ 30fps 3008 x 1504 @ 100fps
Name Insta360 One R 4K Edition
Picqer delivery date No.
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  • Insta360 ONE R 360 And 4K Action Camera First Look - Specs, Unboxing, and UI Walkthrough
  • Insta360 One R: The GOPRO of 2020? + 40 Things To Know
Product reviews
0 van 5
1 reviews
  1. A perfect 360 and action cam in one

    Insta 360 One R works well and has perfect image quality. The app also works very well. Furthermore, it is ideal that the camera is waterproof.

    ByEduardoposted on06/08/2020

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