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The HTC Vive Cosmos Business Edition is a high-end PC-VR headset that combines ease of use with sharp image quality. This makes the Vive Cosmos very suitable for use in business VR environments, where a simple setup and a high resolution is important. The handy flip-up screen ensures that you can take the headset off your face without any problems.

Vive Cosmos uses inside-out tracking. With this method of tracking, it is not necessary to set up external sensors. It is also possible to replace the cables leading to the PC with the Vive Wireless Adapter. This allows you to walk around the room completely wirelessly.

Pay attention! This headset comes standard with Vive Enterprise warranty service*. Activate this inside 3 months after receiving the headset.

Vive Enterprise warranty service

* Receive your commercial use license agreement, software support for kiosk mode, batch configuration, content deployment, Android encryption and a special premium B2B service with expedited repairs, one business day email response and prepaid returns.

Pros and cons
  • With the new folding system you can fold the Cosmos up when you are not using it, so you no longer have to take it off.
  • The new tracking system supports 6 degrees of freedom, so that your movements register even more accurately.
  • With an adjustable headband with dial you can put the VR glasses comfortably and firmly on your head.
  • This product comes standard with HTC Vive Enterprise warranty. This allows you to use your HTC product in a business and/or commercial environment with peace of mind.
  • The Cosmos is only wireless when the HTC Adapter Clip is attached, otherwise you need to attach it to the PC with a cable.
  • The VR glasses require a PC or laptop with at least an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 video card to function.
  • Note: in all cases avoid sunlight (direct or indirect) on the lenses. The lenses act like a magnifying glass, which can quickly cause fire damage to the screens. Click here for more Information on sun damage.
What's in the box
  • 1 x HTC Vive Cosmos HMD
  • 2 x HTC Vive Cosmos controllers
  • 1 x DisplayPort cable
  • 4 x AA batteries
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Safety manual
  • 1 x Warranty card
  • 1 x Enterprise Advantage Pack

What are the recommended PC specs for the HTC VIVE Cosmos (Business Edition)?

Graphics Card NVIDIA GTX 1070 / Quadro P5000 / AMD Radeon Vega 56 or better
Processor Intel Core i5-4590 / AMD FX 8350 equivalent or better
RAM memory 4 GB
Video output DisplayPort 1.2 or later
USB Ports 1x USB 3.0 or newer
Operating system Windows 10
Recommended PC VR-Certified Standard Desktop PC

Additional Information

Article number 99HARL040-00
EAN (13 digit) 4718487719082
Brand HTC
Fashion model VIVE Cosmos Business Edition
Application Business use, Gaming, Use wirelessly, VR Development
Software platform SteamVR, Viveport
Screen type LCD
Resolution (per eye) 1440 x 1700
Refresh rate 90 Hz
Field of View 110º
IPD range 61-72mm (hardware adjustable)
Controller HTC Vive controllers
Tracking method SLAM / Inside-out
Degrees of Freedom (DoF) 6 DoF
Type reality Virtual reality
Name HTC VIVE Cosmos (Business Edition)
Weight 0.7000
Dimensions 19.3 x 43.7 x 25.2 cm
Product Videos
  • HTC VIVE COSMOS - VR That Fits Everyone
  • HTC Vive Cosmos: 10 Things you NEED TO KNOW
  • HTC VIVE COSMOS Controllers
Product reviews
4.5 van 5
2 reviews
  1. Review taken from ebay.com

    I'll keep this brief, the headset is fantastic.
    Almost no screen door effect, light, comfortable, works effortlessly out of the box. The tracking is excellent for 95% of what you do. But in certain (very specific) scenarios, it can be difficult. So it really depends on what you're going to play. The areas I had problems with are; ADS in games like Pavlov and Onward. struggles and hands jump in all directions Bending to the floor (picking up something from the floor) Seems to momentarily lose its place in the room so the floor moves for a few moments until it tracks again. These are annoying issues, but not deal breakers for me. Likewise, at the time of writing, it has only been out for a few months and gets regular firmware updates as these issues may not even be present in a few months. That said, it's still a fantastic headset and highly recommended.

    By seanposted on 02/06/2021
  2. Review taken from scan.co.uk

    Good screen quality headset, annoying quality controllers. Easy and quick to set up. Headset has great screen image quality. Headset adjustments are also very good. On the bad side, the handsets are terrible. It's like someone designed these during their tea break. The battery terminals are designed incorrectly making it inconvenient to insert the batteries. Also, if the Controller goes to your shoulder, it loses tracking. It seems HTC has gone from the best tracking to the worst.

    By Francoposted on 02/06/2021

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