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Smart glasses are small, light and portable. As a result, there is little room for batteries. And if the smart glasses are connected to a smartphone for mobile communication, the battery also runs out quickly. And what about all those cables, power banks, mobile hotspots and other stuff that you should take with you? Of course you want a handy solution for that! Because in the end you want:

  • Quickly grab smart glasses to start the job, without having to assemble the glasses first.
  • Use the smart glasses all day long for remote video support.
  • Charge the smart glasses or a portable power bank on the go.
  • Always have the best connection, wherever you are.
  • Charge all devices at once.
  • Carry your equipment safely and conveniently.

And you can! With the Ready-to-go Field Kit from Gemvision. The flexible, reliable and easy-to-use Field Kit allows you to focus on your work. You can take your favorite model of smart glasses with you, charge your devices and store everything safely. And all your devices are charged simultaneously in this case. You only need to plug one plug into the socket.

Subscription rates

In addition to the ready-made AR Kit, you also need software to get the most out of the Vuzix glasses. Gemvision offers a choice of a number of different subscription forms that offer something for everyone.

You can use Gemvision for free up to a maximum of 3 users and unlimited calls per month. From this free version you can easily upgrade to a paid version - with more features. If you want to use Gemvision for multiple users, you can choose from the different Gemvision subscription types.

Pros and cons
  • Complete all-in-one package to get started with AR and/or remote assist within your organization.
  • The carrying case has a built-in charging station so that the glasses will never run out of power.
  • The case has space to store the glasses in their entirety. This way the glasses do not have to be taken off and put together every time.
  • For charging, a plug must be inserted into the socket.
  • Only suitable for remote assist applications. Not suitable for gaming or other entertainment oriented purposes.
  • In addition to the hardware, you also need to take out a software subscription to be able to use the AR kit properly (mandatory).
What's in the box
  • The Vuzix M400 AR smart glasses with accessories.
  • Space for your (assembled) smart glasses of your choice, with accessories.
  • A powerful mobile hotspot to connect your smart glasses to mobile internet via WiFi.
  • A large internal power bank to charge all portable devices.
  • A small portable power bank to charge your smart glasses on the go.
  • Handy compartments for your accessories and glasses.
  • A water and shock resistant materials.
  • A shoulder strap.
  • An external USB-c charging port.

Additional Information

Article number UNB.GEM.ARK
EAN (13 digit) 9508783353715
Brand Vuzix
Fashion model Ready-to-go Field Kit
Application Wireless use, Remote assist, Business use
Software platform Android
Screen type OLED
Resolution (per eye) 640 x 360
Refresh rate n.v.t.
Field of View 17°
IPD range n.v.t.
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1
Controller Integrated voice control, Integrated touch pad
Tracking method OptiTracking
Degrees of Freedom (DoF) 6 DoF
Battery capacity 1000 mAh (2.5 - 3 hours)
Type reality Augmented Reality
Name Gemvision Ready to Go Kit - Vuzix
Dimensions No.
Memory No.
Product Videos
  • Using smart glasses (Vuzix m400) to guide a junior technician
  • Strukton & Gemvision Augmented communication
  • Smart Glasses for the Mining Industry - 10 use cases demonstrated
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