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AR Software ontwikkel partners

Looking for a software solution for your AR headset? On this page you will find an overview of (mostly Dutch) Augmented Reality software developers who offer existing and custom-made solutions.

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    Velicus offers Mixed Reality solutions that enable education and support independent of time and location to increase efficiency and learning retention.

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    HoloMoves uses Mixed Reality (MR) glasses. AR glasses project holograms around a person while the real world remains visible. With HoloMoves we use this technique to inform patients about the importance of exercise and to actually get them moving.

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    Recreation is a company fully dedicated to the use of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality for business purposes. With a team of highly skilled people, we use technology to generate business value for our customers.

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    All Hololens 2 partners

    View all partners affiliated with Microsoft to make software for the Microsoft Hololens 2 headset here.

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    As a Glass Partner, swyMed deploys its industry-leading video telemedicine solution on Glass Enterprise Edition to deliver hands-free, remote patient assessments anywhere and in real time.

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    1 minute

    1 minute makes innovative technical solutions that make work in elderly care easier. This leaves more time and attention for the client and the provision of quality care. And of course fun at work!

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    Augmex is the first Dutch Glass Solution Provider with a total solution for implementing smartglasses and augmented reality in your company to increase productivity and reduce errors.

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    All Google Glass 2 partners

    Build a custom end-to-end solution that exactly fits your business needs. Glass Providers provide Glass devices, specialized software solutions, and ongoing support for you and your staff.

  • Diederik2021


    Gemvision is an innovative software company from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, which distinguishes itself by offering a cloud-based, turnkey Communication Platform as a Service (CPAAS).

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